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MACC Education

For over half a century, MACC has delivered conservation-related instruction and training to local Conservation Commissioners, the greater conservation community and the interested public. Knowledge gained through these programs empowers citizens to positively impact stewardship of the Commonwealth's natural resources through effective conservation of wetlands, open space and biodiversity. MACC offers training on a multitude of conservation-related topics throughout the year and at varying levels.

MACC's educational opportunities include:

MACC's Fundamentals for Conservation Commissioners Certificate Training Program is an adult education program that gives Commissioners a working knowledge of the various aspects of their jobs. Participants are exposed to the basics of everything from how to run an effective meeting to the science and policy of wetlands protection and open space management. MACC gives credit for program completion.

Beginning in the spring of 2012, MACC, with funding provided by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust, will begin offering three of our Fundamentals for Conservation Commissioners units via webinar. Interested individuals can participate in MACC classes from the comfort of their own home or office – no travel necessary!

MACC's major yearly gathering, Annual Environmental Conference, convenes the largest consortium of environmental experts and professionals in New England. Nearly one thousand Conservation Commissioners, local, state and federal environmental officials, consultants, attorneys, businesspeople and interested citizens gather to explore and discuss a multitude of conservation-related topics. At AEC, over 30 different workshops and trainings are offered. AEC's trade show provides a networking opportunity for the conservation community bringing together Commissioners, environmental consultants, government agencies and nonprofits

Other conservation-related educational offerings include workshops on topics such as vernal pools, wetland delineation, soil erosion and sediment control, soil science and coastal commissioner training. Many workshops include both an in-class component and field experience. Classes take place at various locations throughout the Commonwealth.