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Fall Conference 2015

Wetlands Replication and Restoration:
Let’s Get it Right!

Saturday, October 17, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Devens Common Center, Devens, MA

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Too many wetland replication and restoration projects in Massachusetts fail or do not meet Wetlands Protection Act performance standards and design goals. Our state continues to lose wetland acreage; ecological function remains at risk.

We can reverse the current failure rate of wetland replication projects. Minimum standards and strategies will improve the design and construction of wetland replication and restoration projects. Land managers can proactively restore the ecological health of their land.

At Fall Conference 2015:

  • Hear directly from the authors of a new report describing their findings on the success (and failure) rate of wetland replication projects in Massachusetts;
  • Hear directly from experts on techniques that can be used to improve the success rate of wetland replication projects;
  • Learn about the regulatory requirements for wetland replication and mitigation under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act;
  • Learn when and how conservation commissions might properly condition and monitor wetland replication and restoration projects to increase the overall success rate;
  • Become better prepared and more confident when analyzing, implementing, permitting, or monitoring replication and mitigation projects; and
  • Become more educated about the principles, concepts, and techniques of ecological restoration and how to return a degraded area to a close approximation of its former natural condition.

Click HERE to see the detailed conference agenda and speakers.

Charge to attend: MACC members $95; Non-members $120;
Government agency staff $105; Full-time students $45

“The aim of ecological restoration is to restore processes that have been damaged or lost.”

(from Restoring Ecological Health to Your Land, by Steven I. Apfelbaum and Alan Haney)


Biodiversity Protector
Epsilon Associates
Horsley Witten Group
Wilkinson Ecological Design

Dam Remover
DeRosa Environmental Consulting
Division of Ecological Restoration, MA Dept. of Fish & Game
New England Environmental
Society of Ecological Restoration, New England Chapter
Wetland Strategies and Solutions, LLC

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